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CoolSculpt™ or SculpSure™ - How Do You Choose?

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Want a thinner more sculpted physique?  Many of us do, but some of us don’t want to undergo surgery to get those results.  We understand completely and that’s why Dr. Wallace of Fleming Island Plastic Surgery decided to add SculpSure™ to the list of non-surgical, body contouring options he offers.  Sculpsure™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique that eliminates unwanted and stubborn fat in various areas of the body.  With SculpSure™, there are no incisions, no scars, no surgical risks, and there is absolutely no downtime.    

How SculpSure™ WorksSculpSure™ is the only FDA-approved thermolipolysis procedure that uses a laser to selectively heat and damage fat cells.  The laser raises the temperature of fat cells to about 45°C (or 113°F) while keeping the skin’s surface cool.  This deep heating damages the fat cells beneath the skin.  The body then recognizes that these cells have been damaged and begins a natural process that slowly rids itself of the fat cells, leaving behind a skinnier, sculpted body. 

How CoolSculpting™ Works:      CoolSculpt™ uses an opposite technology called cryolipolysis, which kills fat by freezing it.  Patients who have enough pinchable fat will have the fat sucked up into the device which freezes the fat cells.  Similar to SculpSure™, the frozen fat cells are eliminated by the body’s natural processes. 

What You Don’t Hear on the Commercials:  While the end results with either treatment may be similar, there are some very important differences that patients should be aware of when deciding which treatment is right for them.  First, the freezing part of the procedure is reported by most patients as being quite painful, or at least, very uncomfortable.  Second, you must have enough pinchable fat so it can be vacuumed up into the device.  Because of this requirement, some patients are excluded as candidates.  Third, and most importantly, with CoolSculpting™ there is significant risk involved.  Although reportedly rare, some people (more commonly men) develop paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) following CoolSculpting™.  PAH is a medical phenomenon that has only been observed in patients who have undergone cryolipolysis.  In some patients, cryolipolysis actually causes fat cells to grow bigger instead of eliminating them!  So instead of getting slimmer, patients who experience this unwanted side effect end up with large, often hard, masses in the area that was treated with CoolSculpt™.  Even worse, this mass can’t be removed without undergoing liposuction or other surgical procedures.  Can you imagine going in for a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure to get rid of fat, only to end up looking worse than before, and have to undergo surgery to fix it?  This risk does not exist with SculpSure™ because there is no freezing of the fat.  Due to the reported pain involved with fat freezing and the severity of the rare but potential PAH side effect, Dr. Wallace opted not to perform CoolSculpting™ on his patients.  Instead, he offers SculpSure™. 

What to Expect During Your SculpSure™ Treatment:  Because SculpSure™ uses proprietary Contact Cooling™ technology that cools the skin as it heats up the fat below, patients remain comfortable during the whole procedure.  Most patients experience a warm and tingling sensation followed by a cooling sensation during the treatment, but to date, no patient has reported that it is painful.  There is absolutely no downtime either.  You can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.  Following the treatment and as the body is ridding itself of the fat, you may experience some minor swelling, which is completely normal, and again, this is not painful.  Some, but not all, report being a little sore for a couple of days, like having worked out a little harder than usual. 

When to Expect Results:  SculpSure™ results can be seen around 6 week,s but because we rely on the body to find the damaged fat cells and eliminate them naturally, maximum results are seen at 12 weeks.  Usually two treatment sessions, 6 weeks apart, are required to achieve the desired results.  So, if you’re planning on slimming up for a special occasion, make sure to plan in advance!  Arguably the most exciting part of this procedure is that because this is a short, non-surgical procedure, Dr. Wallace is able to offer SculpSure™ for only $1,250-$3,000 (depending on the size of the treatment areas).  Want to learn more?  Visit our website at  https://flemingislandplasticsurgery.com/Procedures/Body/SculpSure-Fleming-Island-FL